Our latest business news

  • Implementing the new Ministry of Petroleum Intranet

    NetWave has successfully completed implementation for Egypt's Ministry of Petroleum Intranet to serve 250,000 members of the ministry and its companies.

  • El Mobasher car buying and financing portal

    The new ElMobasher portal offers variety of payment options for new and used cars, sell your car and search for a new one as well as many other features.

  • Cleopatra Hospitals Group new portal

    CHG has chosen NetWave to develop the new portal for the hospitals group. The new portal offers several dynamic services to the public.

  • Egypt's Ministry Of Culture Portal

    Implementing the new Ministry of Culture portal was a challenge to bring a wide variety of events and activities under one roof but the result was well worth it.

  • Institut Francais Egypte Portal

    NetWave was chosen to build the new Institut Francais Egypte portal showing the variety of services and events offered of the public in Egypt

  • ADES new Corporate Mobile App

    The new iOS and Android mobile apps for ADES is offering a myriad of collaboration tools for the company staff and management including chat, video calls, live streaming, and corporate news among many other features.