Technical Team Leader

Responsible for managing a team of senior and junior developers in completing given tasks and delivering projects that are bug-free and with high quality, creativity and in time.

Duties & Responsibilities

    • Prepare the project plan which should include:
    • Prepare database design and system architecture for new projects
    • Prepare project analysis and design documents
    • Communicate with clients regarding technical and analysis issues
      1. Project stages
      2. Time line and tasks including resources
      3. Test plan
      4. Estimated final delivery
      5. Delivery requirements ( Special hosting needs, etc )
    • Manage project source code and versions on the source control tool
    • Manage maintenance contracts for a project
      Conduct interviews to potential team members
    • Report to Operations Manager
    • Work on improving the technical skills of his team and provide a fun and healthy working spirit


Minimum 3 years in a similar position
Excellent command of the English Language